Volume 8 (2002)

Performing the British Nation: Foreign Opera and the Prima Donna - Grace Kehler

Upside-Down Sex: A Virile Nation and its Underbellies - Susan Magarey

Sexuality in Utopia: Catherine Helen Spence, William Lane and Social Dreaming in Nineteenth-Century Australia - Michelle McFarland

A Harem in the Home: The Deceased Wife's Sister Bill and the Colonisation of the English Hearth - Kaori Nagai

Reforming the Angel: Morality, Language and Mid-Victorian Nursing Heroines - Bronwyn Rivers

Australia Victrix: Francis Adams and The Melbournians (1892), a Romance of Nationalism - Meg Tasker

Serious Duties of National Life: Women's Sports and Service in the British Empire - Abby Wolf


Victorian Women Poets: A New Anthology, by Virginia Blain. Reviewed by Frances Kelly

George Newnes and the New Journalism in Britain, 1880-1920: Culture and Profit, by Kate Jackson. Reviewed by Jock Macleod

"More precious than rubies": Mary Taylor: friend of Charlotte Brontë, strong-minded woman, by Joan Bellamy. Reviewed by Barbara Garlick

Mediating Criticism: Literary Criticism Humanized, by Roger D. Sell. Reviewed by Jennifer Gribble

Unknown London: Early Modernist Visions of the Metropolis, 1815-45, edited by John Marriott. Reviewed by Catherine Waters

Pulling the Devil's Kingdom Down: The Salvation Army in Victorian Britain, by Pamela J. Walker. Reviewed by Peter Lineham

Re-reading The Excursion: Narrative, Response and the Wordsworthian Dramatic Voice, by Sally Bushnell. Reviewed by J.S. Ryan

Manliness and the Male Novelist in Victorian Literature, by Andrew Dowling. Reviewed by Ian Wilkinson